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Low-tox colour range

The world is changing and low-chemical and natural technology is leading the way. After a whole year of researching for a cleaner colour range, we fell in love with Original Mineral. A brand with the vision to bring together nature and luxury in a line of Australia-born hair colour, haircare and styling products that are safe, effective and beautiful to use. Along with being PETA approved, cruelty free, and gentle on the skin the O&M product formulas replace harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals, including native Australian ingredients like Lilly Pilly, Banksia Flower, Quandong, Tasmanian Sea Kelp and Davidson Plum, as well as quality essential oils that deliver real benefits.

Original Mineral provides the cleanest professional colour in the world which has led us to a progressive new colouring approach. Molecular Blend Technology (MBT) which pre-links colour pigments that are supported by two nourishing hero complexes giving incredible vibrancy, shine, longevity and protection to coloured hair. We call it O&M CØR.color. And of course – as the name suggests – it stays true to our core promise: zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.

SUSTainable salon

In 2019 we joined forces with Sustainable Salons,  a unique social enterprise that helps our salon and our clients reduce our impact on the planet, while investing in local communities. To achieve this each client is charged a $3 green fee. To explain in detail how we recycle or repurpose 95% of all our waste and sell this once deemed waste to feed people in need please read on.. 


Our plastic packaging is sent to specialist local plastics recyclers where it’s cleaned and made into outdoor furniture, landscape supplies and new product packaging, keeping it in circulation and out of our oceans!

All aluminium, foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines, razor blades, unwanted tools and select disposables are sold for recycling, and the proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to provide meals for hungry people. A full head of foils provides a quarter of a meal to someone in need!

Our hair clippings are collected from the salon floor and stuffed into stockings to make Hair Booms that can one day help clean up oil spills along our coastlines! Hair is also repurposed in local community gardens for composting or used in sustainable art installations to educate the community.


All collected ponytails 20cm or longer are distributed to charitable organisations to create wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia. Sustainable Salons is the largest donor of ponytails in the Southern Hemisphere!

By collecting small amounts from a large salon network, Sustainable Salons is the first company to recycle excess chemicals in the salon industry. These are pooled and sent to chemical recycling plants where they’re neutralised and turned into recycled water used in roadworks and construction.

Lastly, select disposable hygiene products used during treatments are pulled apart and the materials are sent for repurposing.

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